Interactive Workshops

We put the word “work” in our workshops. Time spent with us will be working time, time to work on the challenges you are facing. We promise results. 

A Primer for Leaders

A 1-day workshop designed to educate leaders on the complex process of thinking and decision making.  Participants will learn how to recognize poor default thinking while developing new methods of powerful and effective decision making.  

Who This is for

This workshop is ideal for mid-level executives who need to sharpen their decision making and strategizing processes.

Key Take-aways

The participants of this workshop will come away with a clearer picture of what they have been doing. They will have a new self-awareness of their own thought process, especially where they have been getting stuck in their thinking and decision making. This leads to better decision making and strategizing immediately.

Innovation Leadership

This 2-day workshop intensive has been presented around the world to high-level executives in corporate and government arenas. It is designed to stretch participants so that they can grow into the leaders they need to be to face the challenges they are presented with today. Through lecture, discussion, and exercises participants begin to understand how they are “hardwired” in their own decision making process, where they need to make adjustments, and how to make those adjustments sustainable. This workshop is based on change methodology developed at Harvard University. It teaches how to make sustainable behavioral change which literally projects you to the next level.

Who This is for

This workshop is essential for the thought leaders of your organization. Those who must make the decisions that matter and those who must create the innovative environment that will project your organization to success. 

Key Take-aways

Participants will work on their own professional challenges. They will leave this intensive with a clear understanding of what they have been doing and a clear map to follow to make the sustainable changes they need to make to become the best leaders they can be.