Welcome to Tabula Rasa Coaching where the technical and adaptive come together to create sustainable change…. To where you can make the sustainable change you want and need to move ahead in your career and your life….

Think, Adapt, Transform

We invite you to take a 6-week journey inside yourself guided by Karen Florence, internationally known executive transformational coach.

Have you ever wondered what is possible for you? How far you can go?

Have you ever wondered what is holding you back from achieving your goals?

Have you watched others excel and move forward wondering what they know that you don’t?

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in the same place making the same mistakes?

The answers you need are not found externally in self-help books or advice others give you.  

The only one who knows your answers is you…. 

Step by step, our program guides you to access your own answers.

Thinking About Thinking combines the technical and the adaptive. Yes, there are wonderful methods to create change, being adaptable is the key to allowing that change to happen.  


Private intake session with Karen

Week 1-  Session 1- Introduction: Thinking 101 - Understanding our hardwiring: Nothing can change until you really understand what you are doing and why. From the very first session you will begin to see your own patterns of behavior and personality drivers, what makes you go, and where you get stuck

Session 2-The Mechanics of Thinking - Thinking fast and slow: Decision making is complex. How we decide, and what criteria we use to decide is crucial. Do you understand your own thought process? Do you know what mechanisms you rely on to make important decisions?

Week 2-  Seeing Ourselves  - Perception VS Reality – Adult Mental Development: What does it mean to development? What is awareness and consciousness? Isn’t that a bunch of new age mindless thinking? What does that have to do with professional development and leadership skills?

Week 3- Immunity To Change – Setting our Change Goal: Now that we have flushed out your default ways of thinking and being, you are beginning to see what has to be adjusted in order for you to move forward. Now we go a little deeper by setting a change goal.    

Private coaching session with Karen: 1 Hour private session to dig deeper to set the best change goal for you.

Week 4- Working the process: Getting totally honest with ourselves about what we are doing and not doing. And of course, Why and why not?

Week 5- Testing – Gathering Data: It is not about forcing ourselves to change, the real key is observing what happens when we try to change. 

Week 6- Bringing it all together.

Private wrap up session with Karen: 1-hour private session