A Quest and a Journey

Starting where you are right now and moving to where you want to be, the retreat is a full walk-about. The inner exploration begins with questions you are asking yourself. The answers come in the most subtle, surprising and wondrous ways. We learn to listen, accept, allow - not to resist. In the process we discover our true, authentic selves.

Band of Sisters

We each take a path unique to ourselves. At the same time, there is a wealth of common experience (and challenges!) we share as women. And we are so much greater together than alone. Our group will provide the camaraderie and understanding that women are searching for. Our goal is to create a circle of friends, an environment of safety and support, where we can laugh and cry with abandon. Where we can explore ourselves and each other. Learn, grow, transform in the company of remarkable women.

The Experience

We have designed this quest to be truly experiential. We will do the work within the group, individually, inside and out. Through focused conversation, self-inquiry, coaching, guided meditation, creative play and other exercises, you will have an opportunity to connect with your vision and begin to piece together the road map for the next stage of your life. You will answer your own questions.

Clearing the Path

No pathway to growth and transformation is without its challenges. The supportive environment of this group allows you to meet your challenges face-to-face. Does your Inner Critic stop you dead in your tracks? Are your limiting beliefs holding you back? This is the time and place to let go and step into the most powerful and alive part of yourself.

Our Commitment to You

Our workshop begins with a pre-travel coaching session. Our intention is to ensure that you have the best possible outcome on your personal vision quest. It is our commitment to you that you return with discoveries about yourself that you can put to use in your life. This is not a motivational cheer-leading session where you feel pumped up when you leave, but deflate when you arrive home. The work we do is real and sustainable long after the trip is over. 

Post-Vision Quest, after you return and acclimate, we will schedule a coaching session to help you ground your experience and integrate it into your everyday life as you move forward on your path as a remarkable woman.

The Result

The result of your work will be with you for the rest of your life. You will have a new understanding of yourself. You will see the world differently. Your work life, your personal life and your spiritual life will come together in a unified way with you at the center. You will go home equipped with a set of tools you can use as your journey unfolds. Don’t be surprised if when you return home, someone asks you what happened to you. This experience is life-changing in a most wonderful way.