The retreat is designed to be a total experience. 

The Group

What do women really want?
What better way to explore your vision, what you really want - in your life, your career, your relationships -than in the company of extraordinary women like yourself? We are gathering an exceptional group of women from diverse backgrounds to do just that. 

The Group Dynamic
We are so much greater together than alone. Sharing and collaborating, hearing each others’ stories, embracing our commonality and our differences – the group provides the camaraderie we all long for and creates a dynamic that allows something new to emerge. Get ready for a week of great conversation, inspiration, and transformation.

A Retreat for Remarkable Women
And we are all remarkable women. In a safe and supportive environment, the goal of our inner explorations is to reveal our magnificence and power, within a circle of friends - where we can learn, laugh and cry with abandon. The energy of the group creates an opening to connect with that part of you that is truly remarkable.

The Workshop

Start where you are
This retreat is both a quest and a journey, a full walk-about. It is all about youthe totality of your being. We begin where you are right now and explore where you want to be, clearing any debris on the path to getting there.

The Vision
We all have a vision, a dream. Sometimes it gets lost, hidden, as we live out our lives according to other people’s dreams for us - our family's, our society's. The Vision Quest is chance to uncover your own dream, to find the golden nuggets within, what is most true about you. And to follow your bliss.

The inner exploration begins with the questions you ask yourself. The answers come in all kinds of subtle, surprising and wonderful ways. We learn to listen, to accept - not to resist. 

We have designed this quest to be truly experiential. We will do the work with the group, individually, internally and externally. Through focused conversation, coaching, writing, visualization, creative play and other exercises, you will begin to piece together the road map for the next stage of your life. You will answer your own questions. The exercises we will be doing, the synergy of the group, and your intention all combine to accomplish this.

The Result
The result of your work will be with you for the rest of your life. You will have a new understanding of yourself. You will see the world differently. Your work life, your personal life and your spiritual life will come together in a unified way with you at the center. Don’t be surprised if when you return home, someone asks you what happened to you. This workshop will be life changing in a most wonderful way.

The deep inner work is balanced and augmented by play and fun….and an experience of the profound beauty of the region.

The Explorations

A Day in Florence

One of the most beautiful cities in the world…filled with art…everywhere you look inside and out Florence is about beauty, culture and romance. From museums housing works of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Botticelli, to open air street markets, Florence is filled with sights and sounds you will remember for a lifetime. Stroll down alleyways to find sweet little shops filled with pottery and stationary and those very famous Italian leather gloves. Then suddenly find yourself in Mercato Centrale, Florence’s renown farmers market filled with fresh vegies, hand-rolled pastas,meats and cheeses, not to mention a wide array of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to take home as souvenirs for those who didn’t get to make the trip. Sip cappuccino in a street side café while you rest after taking in the sights and sounds of this ancient city. From the architecture to the warm and welcoming Florentines, our day in Florence will be a day you will never forget.

Olive Harvest  

Italian olive oil… the worlds best olive oil is made in the village where the olives are grown. You will never be able to use commercial olive oil again after tasting fresh picked and fresh pressed olives...  Spicy, sweet, green, like silk on your tongue…Olive di olio fresca…it’s famous for a reason…from ancient pressing techniques to a modern day processing facility, enjoy the rich olive heritage of Tuscany on our private tour that includes an oil tasting and lunch Italian style in the olive grove…Delicious!

Go Native in Lucca

After a general orientation to this beautiful walled city, with detailed recommendations in hand, you can explore independently at your own pace. One of the highlights is riding a bike or just walking the park like setting on the top of the wall.

About Us

Martha, Karen, and Dale.

You will be in good company with these three passionate, inspiring and adventuresome women. Karen Florence is an international executive transformational coach. She lives in Tuscany part of the year. Martha Stratienko is a transformational coach whose expertise lies in practical spirituality, always guiding her clients to a deeper experience of themselves. Dale McCullough has worked in international travel for over 30 years. Italy is her specialty.

Together, Dale, Karen and Martha combine their talents to offer the most beautiful, fun, experiential workshop possible, in one of the most enchanting places in the world. Forget the tourist spots. These ladies know and live with the Italians. They are sharing their secrets while working with you to find yours.