Fall 2014   Vision Quest Italy

Six days of unrestrained inspiration in the ancient hills of Tuscany

Imagine yourself....

in this spectacularly beautiful setting, living in an ancient villa, surrounded by the idyllic rolling hills of Tuscany…..in the company of extraordinary women like yourself…..your concerns and responsibilities left behind for the moment, a time out of time…..an opportunity to explore the challenges facing you, in work and personal life…..to ask the questions that you haven’t yet asked, to find the answers that are uniquely yours, answers that have always been there, lying buried deep within…your role in the world…your purpose…your vision.

Our vision quest is a modern version of an ancient rite of passage. As in the traditional vision quests of old, our mission is to find our true spirit and then manifest it in the world – it is at once a journey to the unknown parts of ourselves and a strategy session with the universe.

The exercises we will be doing are designed to give you an experience of a more expanded part of yourself, providing an opening to see yourself in a new way, which leads to lasting transformation. In becoming who you truly are, you become a more effective leader, parent, and partner.

We invite you to join us in this six-day cutting-edge exploration of yourself as a woman and as an individual.  The retreat will be equal parts work and play, taking advantage of the beauty the area has to offer. Participation is limited to 12 remarkable women, so we encourage you to reserve early.

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