eWorkshop: Lifestyle/Weight Loss

A 30-day course that will change your life

You want a lean and healthy body.

You want to feel full of energy and enjoy life.

You know you have to change your lifestyle and eating habits.



This workshop is about celebrating what you can do.

It's not about crime and punishment.

It's not about starving and calorie counting.

It's about moving forward in a positive and empowered way.

This workshop starts with education. It's not like any of the other diet and exercise programs you have tried and probably failed to achieve a sustainable result. That’s because this is not a diet and exercise program. This course is about choosing the behavioral changes you want to make and then developing the capacity, the muscle, to make those changes.

It is easier than you think. I promise.

You can regain your health. You can make sustainable changes that will cause you to lose weight and recharge your energy, increase your happiness, and promote well-being.

Join Karen Florence CPRWC, International Transformational Coach, as she offers the transformative information and coaching you need to make the changes you want to make.




One-on-one coaching session with a certified professional coach to define where you are now, where you want to go and what support you will need as you go thru the course. Set up structure and accountability. (1hr)


Throughout the course, clients will receive course materials, a program book, and other information to read and videos to watch.

PHASE ONE - Getting Ready

e-WORKSHOP TELE CLASS #1    Understanding Our Hardwiring

                                                    Letting ourselves off the hook

 e-WORKSHOP TELE CLASS #2   Why is it so hard for me to change?

                                                       Telling our own story

                                                       Diagnosing the issue


PHASE TWO - Starting the Plan

Working with your coach:  Coaching Session

                                                     Setting behavioral change goals

                                                     Taking an honest look at ourselves

e-WORKSHOP TELECLASS #3      Working On the Progress Map to change

                                                       Lifestyle biography


PHASE THREE - Assessment and Moving Forward                       

e-WORKSHOP TELECLASS #4     What Has Behavioral Science Discovered?

                                                    Testing our assumptions

Working with your coach:  Coaching Session

                                                     What are your next steps?

                                                     Where will you go from here?

eWORKSHOP TELECLASS #5       Completion and Celebration


During the course, participants will receive  2 hours of 1-on-1 coaching with an additional 10 accountability coaching delivered in 10 ten minute segments.


What people say about the course


"My wife and I had tried "dieting" in the past, but we were never able to create long-lasting results, and it was always a fight to stay on the diet. Not the case with this plan!"   
JS, Baltimore, MD


"Working with Karen has been exactly what we hoped. The program she recommends is straightforward, based on science, gets results. Within the first 2 weeks, both my husband and I had lost 7-8 pounds each, and our body fat dropped too. It never felt like a struggle, and the personal 1-to-1 coaching helps maintain focus and commitment. 5 Stars, I highly recommend Karen as your coach if you want real, lasting change!"  
SS, Baltimore, MD


"I have Type II Diabetes and am very over weight. Karen gently but seriously coached me thru the eating changes I had to make. I lost 22 pounds my first month. My sugar levels dropped significantly over 3 months to where my meds are less than half of where I started. I highly recommend Karen for her skill in asking questions that made me see what I was doing and not doing to improve my life and health."  
JM, Reading, PA


"After years of fluctuating with my weight, I needed a real solution to keep my weight, and health, in check. Karen told me about a lifestyle change that she thought would benefit me. I purposely don't call this a "diet" as it is a lifestyle change. Reducing my sugar intake made an incredible change in my health, weight, BMI, Heart Rate and my overall appearance. Other than needing a new wardrobe, I can't complain about any of the results. Karen offered guidance throughout the process and I honestly didn't mind changing my bad eating habits and eating different foods. It was incredibly easy. Karen is an excellent coach who actually cares about her clients and their success and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for this positive lifestyle change."
Dennis H.


"I didn’t know how much I was suffering until I changed. I will never go back." 
MT, Moscow


Karen believes each of us can develop the capacity to make whatever changes we want to make, that we are all whole and resourceful and hold within us the power to move forward.

As Senior Vice President of FRC International, a coach training school that certifies coaches to work with clients challenged by chronic disease and substance miss-use, Karen delivers the message that coaching is the missing link to recovery of health and well-being in the medical community.