At Tabula Rasa Coaching, We specialize in several types of coaching. Our specialities are personal, professional, organizational, spiritual, addiction recovery, and non-profit. We offer these services through 1 on 1 sessions, team sessions, virtually, and in person, VIP days, workshops, travel self help workshops, classes and training.

Professional Coaching

Professional coaching clients seek coaching for a variety of reasons. They are in unsatisfying jobs; they are having difficulties with situations at work they do not know how to handle. Maybe they have been given notice about the need for improvement in order to retain their position. A professional client may need help in developing leadership or communication skills in order to improve conditions at work. Life/ work balance is often an issue too.

Coaching is ideal for solving problems in any work environment. It can be the foundation for creating change in powerful and subtle ways. It can help restore productivity and harmony to any workplace.

Of course Professional coaching can be very useful in moving successful people and successful companies to the next level. A good coach is a change agent providing structure and accountability while helping the client explore, excavate, and make decisions. A great coach assists the client to expand the view and perspective of a situation so that the  principle players are really seeing  what is true and all that is possible.


In-House Company Coach

Long term and short term in-house coaching.  In-house coaching is developed specifically for your unique needs.  Are you wanting to restructure or make changes in culture and need a change agent to assist you? Defining who you are and what your company believes can seem like a daunting task. After a complimentary needs analysis, We design a program to meet your goals and wanted outcomes.  We stay present with you every step of the way. Coaching, mentoring, consulting. Wherever your company is in the world. We travel to you to facilitate your program.


Virtual Company Coach 

A virtual company coach is a fantastic solution for a small company who sees the need for coaching within their organization and does not have the funds to bring in an in house coach. Sessions are held via Skype or Google Hangout. Packages start with as little as 5 hrs/week. This program allows those who want or need coaching to schedule an hour into their schedule as they need. From strategic thinking and planning to employee performance issues, this program provides coaching when and where you need it.

A coach helps  pull apart complex issues so that the hidden agendas become visible. The coach then assists in finding solutions and helps to create a structure for moving forward.

Coaching is perfect for Strategic thinking and planning, Goal setting and structure, moving to the next level, behavioral issues, decision making, on boarding, transitioning, and mentoring.

Organizational Coaching at its best works towards the success of a company and retention of its employees. As an outsider, a coach provides a safe place for employees to resolve their issues honestly. A great coach is a backboard for vetting ideas and brainstorming. As one of my client’s from Google tells me, he has two brains to work with when we are working together. I bring something, he brings something, and together something new arises.


Call me to schedule a conversation about your company’s needs.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching clients seek a coach because they have questions that just won’t go away. Usually they know something is not working the way they want it to work. Relationships with spouses, parents, children, friends and other people are often a motivating force to seek a coach, Jobs, career choices, education, life style,  and other personal  dilemmas that need to be resolved drive people to coaching.

A good coach will help pull apart issues in the client’s life so that they can really look at what is actually happening, see their own role in it, and then take the actions they want to take.  A coach never tells a client what to do. They assist the client in exploring the reality of their situation and provide accountability and structure while the client moves to a more satisfying and empowering way of being.


Spirituality Coaching

Spirituality coaching is the most personal of all the types of coaching. It is a deep inward look at what we believe to be true about ourselves and about the world. One does not have to be a religious person to find spirituality coaching valuable.

We spend our lives living in the world, hearing the world tell us what to do to be acceptable to it. This external living is ok for a while. We do need to explore externally to see what is out there for us. Then there comes the moment when we must turn inward and do our work internally. In this moment we begin to understand that we are responsible for ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, our consequences. We begin to question if what the world has told us is true. We question who we are, where we fit in, and how to be in the world that is true for us.

Spirituality coaching is the most marvelous journey into ourselves.  Peeling the layers like peeling an onion, we find at our core the magnificent being that we are, that we have always been. How could it be otherwise?